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The Promenade of Coconut Creek is joining forces with the South Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Miami-Dade County Park and Recreation Department for a special holiday celebration. We invite you to celebrate the Christmas season with a parade of colourfully decorated boats, festive decorations and festive music. Before the annual parade, which ends at the end of the day and marks the beginning of a new year and the celebration of all things holiday, we welcome you and your family and friends to our holidays with our annual holiday parade.

Go into the green park - the park with its rich park and enjoy the viewing platform for the annual Christmas tree lighting and Christmas lights. The holiday lighting can be seen from the parking lot of the Coconut Creek Park and Recreation Department at the park entrance.

The show starts at 6: 30 p.m., so make sure you arrive on time, and the show starts at 7: 00 p.m. Bebe is an interactive drawing station hosted by the Coconut Creek Community Band, which will perform at 8 p.m. Guests come to the event and are guided to one of the stations and equipped with brush and paint. The residents of Coconut Creek will have the opportunity to participate in a mural painting competition that will feature a variety of artists from across the state of Florida as well as local artists.

The festive lighting of the city tree will be lit by the Coconut Creek Community Band led by Mayor Scott Singer, followed by spectacular fireworks displays over the amphitheater. The procession begins at 5.30 p.m., and the illumination of the magnificent tree takes place at 6.29 p.m.

The event will include live music, stilt walkers, vendors, food trucks and more. There will be live entertainment from the Coconut Creek Community Band and a variety of food and beverages as well as the annual Christmas tree lighting will be available for purchase.

Don't forget to see the stilt walkers and jugglers strolling through the streets of Coconut Creek on their way to the annual Christmas tree lighting. For more information about the event, please visit the Facebook page and Twitter.

Please note that parking is available at Sabal Pines Park, but parking is available in the parking lot next to the Coconut Creek Shopping Center. Participants can make the short walk over the bridge to and from the event and take a boat or kayak ride as well as a boat ride along the creek. Please help Sandi to promote the reuse of water sports equipment by buying and using paddleboards and kayaks at a reduced price. For more information about Merrick Park stores, call 305-529-1215 or follow them on Facebook or visit their website.

Storm Tight Windows blog readers, you may forget your chance to win a $500 gift card to the Coconut Creek Shopping Center to choose one of the above events.

Don't miss Surf City Palm, where cows surf the sea, elves hang out at ten and cool cats body surf. Participants can evoke memories while taking photos with Santa and enjoying a wintry bouncy house while learning the value of life - saving CPR. Toy donors and others can win a $500 gift card to the Shops of Merrick, which they will buy for the first time at the Coconut Creek Shopping Center.

It's a great place to capture the mood, take lots of photos, post them on social media and even play with the glow. It is free and lasts until early January, but also offers the opportunity to experience a daily boat show on the picturesque New River.

As part of our South Florida community, we sponsor numerous events that are fun and deliver positive results. Discover is made possible by the generous support of the Coconut Creek Community Foundation and the Coconut Creek Foundation.

This free, family-friendly event offers a variety of activities for children and families, as well as food and beverage retailers. The annual Holiday Fun Day will include a ride by fire truck with the Miami-Dade County Fire Department and the Coconut Creek Fire Rescue Department.

Come through the parade of lights and take photos with Santa Claus at this event. Guests will experience a variety of activities, such as the annual Santa Claus Parade, Santa Claus Christmas Parade and Santa Claus Parade.

Experience the magic of the holidays at this event that brings snow to South Florida for the first time since it snowed all year round at the Coconut Creek Hotel in Palm Beach County. The hotel is transformed into a winter wonderland from the inside, with Santa Claus, Christmas elves and other holiday characters.

At 12 noon, zoo guests will toast the new year and celebrate at the annual New Year's Eve party at the Palm Beach Zoo. Get all the sights, sounds and sips of the season at this themed cocktail party at the Coconut Creek Hotel. To add to the seasonal spirit, the Funky will serve libation, with proceeds going to the event's chosen charity.

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